"Faces of Mito" - Read inspirational stories of people's experiences with mito.

We want to shine a spotlight on the strength of people with mito and their families. We share many stories on our Facebook and Instagram throughout the year. If you want to be part of the campaign, please email us with your stories and photos.
Frederik of Switzerland_1

 Frederik from Switzerland

At 14 years old, Frederik went from playing football, racing down ski slopes, and eating with friends to finding himself struggling to walk or even stand.


 Tucker from US

Tucker James Dupré was diagnosed with POLG at 18 months old, after having multiple seizures.


Jazmín from Argentina

She was always a vital, happy, and loving companion. She left us an important message, which is what keeps us standing today, helping other families.


Dylan from Australia

Dylan was diagnosed with mito in 2007. He would have been 16 this August (2023).